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Best Erection Pills religion is a fraud, and parsons and teachers hypocrites and liars. He becomes indifferent to religion if he has little conscience, and indignantly hostile to it if he has a good deal. The same revolt against wantonly Best Erection Pills false teaching is happening daily in the professional classes whose recreation is reading and whose intellectual sport is controversy. They banish the Bible from their houses, and sometimes put into the hands of their unfortunate children Ethical and Rationalist tracts of Best Erection Pills the deadliest dullness, compelling these wretched infants to sit out the discourses of Secularist lecturers I Best Erection Pills have.delivered some of them myself , who bore them at a length now forbidden by custom in the established pulpit. Our minds have reacted so violently towards provable logical theorems and demonstrable mechanical Best Erection Pills or chemical facts that we have become incapable of metaphysical truth, and try Best Erection Pills to cast out incredible and silly lies by credible and clever ones, calling in Satan to cast out Satan, and getting more into his clutches than ever in the process. Thus the worl

d is kept sane less by the saints than by the vast mass of the indifferent, who neither Best Erection Pills act nor react in the matter. Butler s preaching how to make a bigger load of the gospel of Laodicea was a piece of common sense founded on his observation of this. B. ut indifference will not guide nations through does male enlargement pills work civilization to the establishment of the perfect city of God. An Best Erection Pills indifferent statesman is a contradiction in terms and a statesman who is indifferent on principle, a Laisser faire or Muddle Through doctrinaire, plays the deuce with us Best Erection Pills Best Erection Pills in the Best Erection Pills Best Erection Pills long run. Our statesmen must get a religion by hook or crook and as Best Erection Pills we what does extenze male enhancement shot do are committed to Adult Suffrage it must be a religion capable of vulgarization. The thought first put into words by the Mills when they said There is no God but this is a family secret, and long held unspoken by aristocratic statesmen and diplomatists, will not serve now for the revival of civilization bergamet male enhancement pills after the war cannot be ef. fected by artificial breathing the driving force red male enhancement commercial of an undeluded popular consent is indispensable, and will be impossible until the statesman can app

Best Erection Pills

eal to the Best Erection Pills vital instincts of the people in terms of a common religion. The success of the Hang the Kaiser cry at the last General Election shews us very terrifyingly how a common irreligion can be used by myopic demagogy and common irreligion will destroy civilization unless it is countered by common religion. THE DANGER OF REACTION And here arises Best Erection Pills the danger that when we realize this we shall do just what we did half a century ago, and what Pliable did in The Pilgrim s Progress when Christian landed him in the Slough of Despond, run back in terror to our old superstitions. We Best Erection Pills jumped out of the frying Best Erection Pills pan into the fire and we are just as likely to jump back again, now that we feel hotter than ever. History records very little in the way of mental activity on the part of the mass of mankind except a series of Best Erection Pills stampedes from affirmative errors into negative ones and back again. It must therefore be said very precisely and clearly that the bankruptcy of Darwinism does not mean that Nobodaddy was Somebodaddy with body, parts, and passions after all

that the world was made extenz work in penis size enhancers the year 4004 Best Erection Pills B.C. that damnation means a eternity of blazing brimstone that the Immaculate Conception means that sex is sinful Best Erection Pills and th. at Christ was parthenogenetically brought forth by a virgin descended in like manner from a line of virgins right back to Eve that the Trinity is an anthropomorphic monster Best Erection Pills with three heads which are yet only one head that in Rome the bread and wine on the Best Erection Pills altar become flesh and blood, and in England, in a still more mystical manner, they do manhood max male enhancement enlargement powernutra and they do not that the Bible is an infallible scientific manual, an accurate historical chronicle, and a Best Erection Pills complete guide to conduct that we may male enhancement cream lie and cheat and murder and then wash ourselves innocent in the blood of the lamb on Sunday at the cost of a credo and a penny in the plate, and so on and so forth. Civilization ejaculoid results cannot be saved by peo. ple not only crude enough to believe these things, but irreligious enough to Best Erection Pills believe that such belief constitutes a religion. The education of children cannot safely be left in their hands. If dwindling sects like t