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Gusher Pills year. Two of us remained at Carigara in Gusher Pills the house of Christoval de Trujillo, the owner of that encomienda, a man of eminent piety, and our benefactor. He straightway built for us there the first house that we possessed Gusher Pills in that island. The other two of us went along the coast of that island and those of Ibabao and Samar, observing what peoples and.posts were best adapted at that time for our settlement. We returned to Carigara at the end of July, where, thanks to the Gusher Pills incredible haste and large number of the Indians, we found our house finished and the two fathers established in it. Early in August, I had information from the father vice provincial, Antonio Sedeno, that he had arrived at Sebu with Gusher Pills two Gusher Pills other priests, and summoned me thither. Father Juan Gusher Pills del Campo and Father Cosme de Flores remained in Carigara, and undertook the study of the Bissaya language with great fervor. Father Antonio Gusher Pills Pereira and I, with another brother, went on to Sebu in conformity with the order of the father vice provincial. Father Antonio Pereira had remained with

Ours in these islands from the time of his arrival, as I said, with the king Gusher Pills of Siao, waiting for the conclusion of busin. ess which the king and. Father Antonio Marta could not wait for the latter, because he could not longer absent himself from his province doctor male enhancement report and subordinates the former, because he could not remain longer away from his kingdom and his vassals. This good father was so eager and zealous for the welfare of souls that, although a no xl male enhancement guest, he did not permit himself one moment of top male enhancement choices idleness, but always busied himself in the pulpit and confessional and in other ministries for the welfare of souls. We reached Sebu in the middle Gusher Pills of August, where we Gusher Pills found our good father and male sex enhancement spray superior sick, in the house of a regidor of the city and with him were Father Alonso Humanes, who had gone as superior during the journey from Nueva Espana, and Father Mateo Sanchez. He presently sent these two fathers to Leite, with ejaculate volume supplements orders to divide it Gusher Pills Gusher Pills into two st. ations, two fathers in each one pair taking Carigara where the Gusher Pills two fathers had remained whom I have

Gusher Pills

already mentioned the other, Dulac, which is about sixty miles further on. These are both maritime villages with a situation and territory well adapted for undertaking the conversion Gusher Pills of Gusher Pills that new people, until then untaught. The aforementioned Father Alonso Humanes was appointed superior of both stations. In Sebu Gusher Pills Ours had already fixed upon the site Gusher Pills which we now possess, partly purchased with offerings from the citizens, and partly bestowed by the city and private persons. Accompanying the land was a Gusher Pills goodly house of wood, which with little work could be made to accommodate Gusher Pills the church and our dwelling. Father Ramon de Prado had remained in Manila as rector, with the other four fathers, two of whom were sent to Taitai to Father Francisco Almerique of the two who remained in Manila, Father Tomas de Gusher Pills Montoya 64 began to teach Latin, and Father Juan de Ribera attended to matters of conscience. The death of Father Antonio Sedeno, first rector of the college of Manila, and first vice provincial of the Society of Jesus in the Filipinas. Chapter

XIII. The first thing which the father vice provincial, Antonio Sedeno, enjoined upon me on his arrival at Sebu was that I should at all events hasten the completion of the house, and carry him to it, for it was male enhancement research chemicals his wish to die in the house of the Society. This I did, having him conveyed on men s shoulders in a covered bed, for he was so ill that he could Gusher Pills not go in any other way. does male enhancement surgery work I was greatly rejoiced at this, and he was extremely relieved at finding himself in his new home. His illness was increa. sed by the hardships of the toilsome black 4k male enhancement journey from Manila, one hundred and fifty leagues away, in the season of the vendavals and the rains, which in the bay of Manila, and as far as the Gusher Pills entrance into the province of Pintados, lung leader male enhancement is the most difficult and dangerous of the whole year. In Gusher Pills this case, the burden enhancing sex performance of these hardships and torments fell upon a person so feeble, infirm, old, and exhausted that, although he arrived at Sebu in Gusher Pills fair health, their effect was Gusher Pills greatly aggravated Gusher Pills by his immediately commencing work with two sermons, which were highl