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Male Enhancement Pills door. Xiao Yu asked the people who came to Qing, only to open the door. A man in his forties, with a pair of glasses and a suit, stood outside the door. Lian Miss, hello I am Mr. Male Enhancement Pills Zhou Haorong, the l.awyer of Mr. Qi Haoyue. Xiao Yu s heart is not happy, but he is still letting him open and ask him to enter the house. Xiao Yu poured a cup of tea to lawyer Zhou before sitting opposite him. Mr. Zhou helped one to help the glasses, and said Lian, Male Enhancement Pills my visit is entrusted by my client, Mr. Hao Haoyue, to negotiate with you about the custody of Lian Weidong. Xiao Yu waited for him to finish, and refused directly I have already made Male Enhancement Pills it clear to you that I have not given Male Enhancement Pills him the winter and winter, and I don t need to negotiate anything. Lawyer Male Enhancement Pills Zhou was not in a hurry. Instead, he smiled and said Lian, the information I have, you are not the biological mother of Weidong, just his aunt, right Xiao Yu raised her eyebrows. What about that Aunt is also his closest relative. Her identity is not a mother, her love is not missing a point. Lawyer Zhou seems to have been confirmed, more confidently said Lian Miss, I know that you raised your child Male Enhancement Pills from the birth of the chil

Male Enhancement Pills d, and the child s feelings are deep. And the child Male Enhancement Pills s parents passed away early, penius pills I am very sorry white lightnig male enhancement pill about it. But As far as the law of our country is concerned, the parents are the first guardians of the children. If the parents dies, the first guardian of the child is the grandparent or grandparent of the child, and the Male Enhancement Pills grandmother is the mother of Hao Haoyue. And you, a.s the aunt of the child, do not enjoy Legal custody, your Male Enhancement Pills child s upbringing behavior can fast acting extenze only be regarded as an obligation to raise. Xiao Yu listened to Zhou s public opinion, and it was ridiculous. Isn t her love for winter and winter just a duty, and she would rather Male Enhancement Pills not rob her. Lawyer Zhou knew that Xiao Yu couldn t accept it at the moment. He turned his head and took a check from his briefcase. He handed it to Xiao Yu in a respectful manner. Of course, Mr. Qi knows that you really love your child. In recent years, I have center for male enhancement regarded my child as my biological son. Like raising, in order to thank you for your hard work over the past three years, enhanced male orgasm Mr. Yu is willing to pay two million as a child s support, I hope you can Male Enhancement Pills accept it. Xiao Yu took Zhou s sincere smile and took the check calmly

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. Thank you for your good fortune. In the eyes of Mr. Zhou, he quickly flashed the joy of doing Male Enhancement Pills things, and even Xiao Yu s refreshment was beyond his expectations. Before he came, Hao Haoyue specifically told the Miss Lian that it was not a good deal. Unexpectedly, it turns out that two million is indeed not a small number. Xiao Yu s signature on the cheque, Qi Haoyue, and the strong handwriting of the steel, represents that this person is determined, hegemonic, and never accepts failure. Sorry Male Enhancement Pills she won t compromise easily. Xiao Yu smi.led and raised the check. Under the stunned expression of Zhou Male Enhancement Pills Male Enhancement Pills s lawyer, he slowly tore the check into two halves, Male Enhancement Pills then tore the tears, and then tore the powder into pieces, then let go Male Enhancement Pills of the hand and let the papers float like snowflakes. Falling ground. Lawyer Zhou spent a long time and finally found his tongue. Lian, youthisthisbuttwo million Xiao Yu sneered, Yeah, two million, buy sugar for you, buy my son, don t even think about it. Lawyer Zhou, please go back and tell , no matter how much he pays, I will not give the winter and winter He. If he wants to go to court, I will accompany him to the end. Since Yu Haoyue an

d I do not have custody of the children, I will let the grandparents with custody respond, in short, I will never give up the Male Enhancement Pills custody of the children. Xiao Yu has already stood up, Zhou lawyer, who is not to accompany him. Zhou lawyers squatted up and sternly argued, Lian, even if the same conditions of Male Enhancement Pills grandparents and grandparents, the court will consider the economic strength quick acting male enhancement of both Male Enhancement Pills sides, and In an environment conducive to the growth of children, it is obvious that Male Enhancement Pills the family can provide a better environment for children to grow up. Xiao Yu simply ignored Zhou s explanation and opened the door directly, Male Enhancement Pills taking him away. Mr. Zhou still wants to say something, Xiao Yu top 10 best male enhancement products has already hand in.a block, coldly swearing to him, There is no love Male Enhancement Pills bump In the face of Zhou s lawyer, Xiao Yu fell heavily on the door. , you want to take the winter and winter, unless you step on me The author has something to say To understand the law, or to Male Enhancement Pills be passively beaten Poor Xiao Yu How to do it Chapter 6 Chapter 6 scott maynard male enhancement pull hook Mom, mother, what are you doing The call top reviews for male enhancement of winter and dick enhancer pills winter brought Xiao Yu s thought back to realit