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Male Extra Results Pictures e margin Idem. On the eve of Male Extra Results Pictures the feast day of St. Philip and St. James, our Male Extra Results Pictures Male Extra Results Pictures Lord saw fit to visit this city with a conflagration of such magnitude that before nightfall half the city had burned, including one hundred and fifty nine buildings, many of stone and others of wood. Among them were the Dominican convent and the hospital for the Spaniards of which your Majesty is patron and almost nothing that was in them was saved. According to the investigations which we have been able to make, the loss will amount to a great sum. It has caused general consternation. Great care will be taken to procure safety from these fires, with which we have been much a.fflicted. In the margin Let this be done. Your Majesty commands by decree of February 16, 92, that this Audiencia should give Male Extra Results Pictures information concerning the expediency of having more of the churches in these islands of stone than of wood, as the latter decays and does not last long. Having investigated and considered this matter, the conclusion is that, although in some parts it would be Male Extra Results Pictures much better to

build the churches sex rx of stone than diamond male enhancement pill of wood, as the materials are found male sexual enhancement pills near me near at hand, yet in other parts it would Male Extra Results Pictures be more expedient to make them of wood and tiles, as these materials are abundant there and the stone enhancement pills side effects is at a distance. Beside, the cost which the Male Extra Results Pictures stone buildings entail would generally Male Extra Results Pictures be much more than Male Extra Results Pictures those of wood and, as your Majesty s treasury here is so embarrassed, it could not bear the cost of building Male Extra Results Pictures exp. ensive edifices. It therefore seems best that the Male Extra Results Pictures Male Extra Results Pictures governor should continue providing for this in the manner most convenient. In the margin No answer to be given. We received another decree, of the said month and year, directing the order to be observed in the renunciations of clerical offices, which will be executed as your Majesty commands. In the margin Let it be so done. We have received another decree of your Majesty, of natural enhancement pills the fifteenth of the said month and year, to the effect that cases in which your viceroys and prelates have by common consent vacated benefices shall not be heard in the audiencias of the Yndias. In so far

Male Extra Results Pictures

as regards this Audiencia it Male Extra Results Pictures shall be so done. In the margin The same. Likewise there were received two other decrees, in which your Majesty demanded Male Extra Results Pictures information as Male Extra Results Pictures to whether Male Extra Results Pictures it were well to se.ll the offices of depositaries of this city and of secretary of the cabildo thereof. The office of depositary is of Male Extra Results Pictures so little importance that it is certain that no considerable price will be paid for it. That of secretary of the cabildo brings three hundred pesos salary which, as they have no other funds worthy of consideration, the cabildo gives from its own income and property. Besides, deserving persons are kept in the office who have served in this country, where there is very little to Male Extra Results Pictures reward them with. Your Majesty will order according to his pleasure. In the margin Let the governor appoint to these offices only deserving persons who have served his Majesty and are very trustworthy, until his Majesty shall have ordered otherwise and let him inform us concerning the person whom he shall appoint. Your Majesty by another decree of the sixte

enth of the said month Male Extra Results Pictures and year that this Audiencia inform him whether it would be expedient to deposit with the Male Extra Results Pictures royal crown of your Majesty the sum of about twelve thousand pesos, to pay the salaries of his servants. As this despatch arrived so close upon the departure of the ships, there was no time to make definite answer to your Majesty s command. The number and penis enhancement pills that work value of the encomiendas in these islands are not exactly known. On the first opportunity they will be ascertained, and your Majesty advised thereof. In red e male enhancement the margin Let this be done, and let them send the information male volume enhancement if they have not done so. The decrees concerning Male Extra Results Pictures personal services of the Indians, which are dated November 22, 602, were received in this Male Extra Results Pictures Audiencia. In all its district there are no Indians held to personal se. rvice except Male Extra Results Pictures when there is wood cutting and the like to be done for memory enhancements supplements the equipment of ships, or when some top rx pills expedition is being made for the service of your Majesty, in which Male Extra Results Pictures case a few Male Extra Results Pictures Indians are taken. This cannot be dispensed with, because transportation in these i